Chunky Open Ended Zip Grey

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    10" (25cm) Mid Grey
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    12" (30cm) Mid Grey
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    14" (36cm) Mid Grey
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    16" (41cm) Mid Grey
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    18" (46cm) Grey
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    20" (51cm) Grey
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    22" (56cm) Grey
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    24" (61cm) Grey
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    26" (66cm) Grey
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    28" (71cm) Grey
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    30" (76cm) Grey
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Product Description

This grey open ended chunky zip has large plastic teeth and a heavy duty zip. They have strong polyester fabric on either side of the zip, perfect for making sure it can be sewn securely into your project The length of the zip refers to the length between the two stops, the actual length of the supplied zip will be longer.

Perfect for jackets, coats, bags, dresses, fleeces etc.

We have these zips in each of the following sizes: 40cm/16 inch, 45cm/18 inch, 50cm/20 inch, 55cm/22 inch, 60cm/24 inch, 65cm/26 inch, 70cm/28 inch and 75cm/30 inch. We currently stock 10 colours in each size.

This is available to buy from our online haberdashery shop.


Manufacturer Zip
Designer Chunky Zips
Collection/Range Chunky Zips
Laundry Instructions Machine Washable Warm and can be Tumble Dried.
Fabric Type 100% Polyester
Uses Perfect for jackets, coats, bags and anywhere a large chunky zip is needed.
Zip Colour Grey

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MM CM Metre Inch Yards
910.00 91.44 0.91 36.00 1.00
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