Kam Snaps - Size 16 - B59 Pale Sea Blue/Green - 100 Gloss Sets

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Product Description

This is a complete set of 100 size 16 KAM snap fasteners. These high quality snaps are made from polyacetal resin which is an extremely strong and durable type of plastic and are Oekotex Certified.

This set includes:
200 round caps
100 sockets (female part)
100 studs (male part)

All parts are the same colour.

Size 16 KAM snaps have a 10.7mm cap diameter and 4.2mm prong length. This size will happily fasten multiple layers of fabric.

You will need either a set of KAM pliers or a press with a size 16 die head to apply these snaps (sold separately)

Please note that snaps are weighed out rather than counted and there may some slight variation in the final numbers that you receive. By buying from us your accept that there may be a variation of +/- 5% in the actual count.


Manufacturer KAM
Uses These snaps are very versatile and are used in a number of different and diverse applications including cloth nappy making, bib fastening, clothes fastening, bag and strap closures and much more.

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MM CM Metre Inch Yards
910.00 91.44 0.91 36.00 1.00
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