Hemline Yarn Darner Hand Sewing Needles - Size 14-18

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Product Description

Hemline Darner Hand Sewing Needles ideal for darning repairs sometimes called finishing needles, these are designed with a blunt tip and large eye, making them similar to tapestry needles, but longer. Sizes 14-18 are often called Yarn Darners.

  • Great for darning with cotton or wool

  • Used for mending and darning using cotton or yarn.

  • Use during basting and layering fabrics together.

Size 14-18 - 5 Needles in a Pack


SKU HDGB.H204.1418
Manufacturer Hemline
Collection/Range Hemline Darner Hand Sewing Needles
Laundry Instructions n/a
Uses Ideal for spanning large holes during mending, using cotton or yarn, and useful when sewing pieces of knitting or crochet together.

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MM CM Metre Inch Yards
910.00 91.44 0.91 36.00 1.00
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