Hemline Tapestry Hand Sewing Needles - Size 18-22

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Product Description

A Hemline Tapestry Hand Sewing Needles have a blunted end to pass through needlecraft fabric and canvas without damaging the weave.

  • Is a blunt-tipped sewing needle.

  • Is ideal for cross stitchers.

  • They can also be used when sewing pieces knitted or crocheted material together without the risk of the yarn snagging.

  • Used with kids' crafts that involve sewing with yarn or embroidery floss into paper or plastic canvas because the blunt edge will not hurt a child.

  • You'll be able to pass through canvas material without tearing it.

  • Perfect for working with wool and embroidery threads.

Size 18-22 - 6 Needles in a pack


Manufacturer Hemline
Collection/Range Hemline Tapestry Hand Sewing Needles
Laundry Instructions n/a
Uses Ideal for needleworkers who do a variety of different craft techniques such as cross-stitch, embroidery, sewing, crochet, knitting, and others.

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910.00 91.44 0.91 36.00 1.00
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