Metal Look Continuous Nylon Zips On Natural Surround - #5 Weight - 5 Styles

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    Metal Look Continuous Zip - Silver on Natural - Per Metre
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    Metal Look Continuous Zip - Rose Gold on Natural - Per Metre
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    Metal Look Continuous Zip - Gold on Natural - Per Metre
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    Metal Look Continuous Zip - Black on Natural - Per Metre
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    Metal Look Continuous Zip - Antique Gold on Natural - Per Metre
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Product Description

Why not make yourself something extra special with this range of continuous metal look nylon teeth zips.

They are number 5 weight, nylon teeth zips which are extremely well made with strong teeth.

Zip pulls are not included, but you can use any number 5 weight zip pull designed for nylon teeth zips with them.  We also sell some rainbow teeth pulls to use with these zips.

The teeth of the zips are nylon, but the rainbow effect gives them a metallic looking zip, but they are easy to sew with and without the problems that come with a metal toothed zip.

Sold by the length, starting from 0.5m and going up in 5 cm intervals, so if you would like an 80cm length just enter 0.8 into the product of your choice.


SKU HDPA.Metal.Look.Contin.On.Natural
Manufacturer Plush Addict
Designer Plush Addict
Collection/Range Metal Look Continuous Zips
Laundry Instructions Can be machine washed and tumble dried.

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MM CM Metre Inch Yards
910.00 91.44 0.91 36.00 1.00
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