With christmas quickly approaching, we thought we would give you some suggestions in what to put in your loved ones stockings! See something you like on this list for yourself? Why not send your nearest and dearest this email and see what santa brings on the 25th...Don't worry, there's still plenty of time to receive items in time for Christmas. The last postage date for 2nd class is 20th December.

Assorted Wonder Clips
Excellent aid to clip and hold, or clip and sew right where you need it. They open wide for multiple layers, and won't damage or distort fabric.This product is so versatile that it is a great gift for any craft enthusiast!

Soft Sewing Roll
A delightfully pretty, practical, compact and handy sewing case which rolls up into a very compact size, making it ideal to take with you on both short and long trips.

The perfect stocking filler for an avid sewer!


A Pin Cushion
Easy to use pin cushion with the added benefit of an elasticated wrist band.Brilliant idea for those who misplace their pins! (We all know one)

Glass Head Pins
These are the Rolls Royce of pins, you really won't be disappointed - these beautiful pins glide effortlessly in to light and medium weight fabrics. Made from high grade steel with a small, iron-proof glass head, and a very sharp tip.

A Bag For Life
Keep Calm and Sew On with this hard wearing reusable shopping bag, it is a must for any fan of fabric or shopping!An amazing stocking filler for your loved ones with a passion for sewing.

Tailors Sleeve Roll
Slips easily into sleeves and narrow garment sections for perfect pressing of long or difficult to reach seams.Excellent for pressing gathers and preventing seam edge imprint on cloth face!

A Wooden Metre Stick
Both Metric and imperial measurements. Brass ends with hanging holes for easy storage and table mounting.A simple, but invaluable addition to any crafters collection!

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen
This glue pen is ideal to give you a quick convenient way to hold fabrics when you are sewing, much easier than pins.Amazing for any quilter or paper piecer you may know!

A Seam Ripper
A top quality seam ripper from Clover, it has an ergonomically rounded white handle, with a sharp strong point, perfect for ripping out seams, you can use it for cutting threads and for making buttonholes as well.A high quality stocking filler that will come in handy!

A Gift Voucher
Can't choose? Why not get your loved ones a gift card instead?
Choosing fabric is a very personal thing so make sure you get exactly what you've been wishing for. Choose one of our gift vouchers this Christmas for total freedom!