❤️ Have you heard about cork fabric? Ever wondered what on earth it is? And what exactly do you do with it? How do you sew it? Will it wash ok?

✂️ We get ALL the questions about this fabulous textile so I thought I’d compile a list of our most frequently asked... 

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What is cork fabric?

Is cork fabric made from actual cork…?

YES! Cork fabric has a thin layer of cork that’s applied to a woven backing fabric.

What do you use cork fabric for?

Cork fabric can be used anywhere you might use leather… 

It’s great for

❤️ bags & bag accents

❤️ wallets

❤️ tablet cases

❤️ purses

❤️ phone cases

❤️ cosmetic bags

❤️  laptop cases

Pinterest has OODLES of project ideas to tickle your creativity. 

Is cork fabric washable?

DON’T machine wash it or it could delaminate.

Cork fabric can be wiped clean with mild soapy water, or follow the tips here if you need a deeper cleanse.

Is cork fabric waterproof?

? Not waterproof, but water resistant… This means a cork fabric case will protect your tablet from splashes around the pool BUT won’t save it if you drop it in ?How do I cut cork fabric?

The best way I’ve found to cut cork fabric is with a rotary cutter 

✂️  You can totally use regular scissors but I’ve found I don’t get quite the same smooth edge (altho I wouldn’t use my fabric scissors, because I’m SO precious about those… ya hear me?!) 

Can I sew cork fabric?

Absolutely! And it really is quite a dream to handle… It’s easy. If you can sew cotton, you can sew cork fabric so don’t let the fact it’s a “speciality fabric” put you off”

Can I pin cork fabric?

If you use pins then you WILL have a hole left behind which don’t recover like pin holes in regular woven fabric.

You can pin in a seam without issue - I have found these extra fine pins work really well & leave the teeniest hole that really isn’t visible

Outside of a seam I would recommend using clips like these instead.

Using double sided adhesive tape is also wonderful for installing zips into cork fabric projects.

How do I mark cork fabric

✏️ The fabric takes pencil & chalk well - so use those. 

Can I iron cork fabric?

YES! Although I’d recommend using a pressing cloth if you're using a HOT iron. Cork fabric is bouncy so don’t expect a seam to lay flat - you’ll need to top stitch to get a flat seam, BUT if your cork fabric got screwed up & creased it WILL press out just fine. 

What stitch length & needle shall I use with cork fabric? 

Use 3mm for construction & slightly wide 3.5-4mm for top stitching with a universal needle sized 80-90. You can also use a leather needle if you wish.

What machine foot shall I use with cork fabric? 

My machine handles cork perfectly well with my normal presser foot BUT some people do report sticking. If this happens you can use a Teflon, roller foot, or a walking foot.

Don't have those? If the cork fabric is sticking to your foot then a great hack is putting a piece of Scotch Magic Tape on the sole of your usual food to aid the glide! 

If it’s sticking to your needle plate then place a piece of paper underneath the fabric and sew.... Then just tear off the paper when you’re done. Voila! 

Is cork fabric eco-friendly? 

YES! It really is… Feast your eyes here 

Other tips for cork fabric

✂️ Trim away the bulk - cork is quite stiff to work with so the more you can trim away excess fabric in the easms the better. Cut off those corners and trim back those seams!

Cork won’t fray so you can leave the seams au natural after cutting

Where can I buy cork fabric?

✂️ We sell it! It’s available here 

We sell it by the metre & fat quarter which measures 50cm x 75cm - a very usable piece indeed! 

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