Can you relate to the feeling of rushing out the front door & suddenly realising you don’t have your keys? ?

So you’re frantically pacing around the house trying to find your keys... you finally find them. Hooray! Except now you’re late for work… and you start the morning a tad little bit peed off!

In come our fabric storage trays! They’re multifunctional, beginner friendly & only take 15 minutes to make! ✂️

Store your keys, wallet, lip balm, spare change & anything else you tend to put down, then forget where you put it down. 

You can also dot them around your sewing room to catch loose threads, pins & other haberdashery bits. See… multifunctional ?

All you need is an old pair of jeans, 1 FQ from the Summer Garden collection (or any pretty fabric!), interfacing and thread. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! ?

Check out the tutorial here.

And as always make sure you tag @plushaddict in all your makes so we can have a nose and share your beautiful creations with the rest of our community! ?