January 2015

  1. Bumble from Free Spirit

    Covered with bee designs and honeycomb patterns in delicate, soft pastels with splashes of grey, "Bumble" by Tula Pink is new in from Free Spirit. This collection of playful and whimsical prints was designed with projects for babies in mind, and they'd definitely make a cute looking nursery.
  2. Brambleberry Ridge from Michael Miller

    The rest of "Brambleberry Ridge" has finally arrived with us and we're so excited! Designed by Violet Craft, these fabrics were inspired by the delicate sophistication of her grandmother's 1950s house and the wildlife surrounding her own current home, creating a chic yet rustic collection. Look out for the gorgeous, elegant metallic shimmer on some of the prints too! These...
  3. Paint from Windham Fabrics

    Just in from Windham Fabrics, "Paint" is a bold, fun collection, inspired by collaged images, a painter's tools and creativity. Designed by Carrie Blooston of Such Designs, these bright and colourful prints really do celebrate your inner artist!
  4. Mod Tex from Robert Kaufman

    With two distinct bright colourways, "Mod Tex" from Robert Kaufman is an upbeat collection full of large, bold prints and geometric designs. Take your pick from the cool blue-green or the summery orange and pink colour palette and create something special with these statement fabrics!
  5. Girl Power from Camelot Fabrics

    Full of bright and colourful comic book style designs, "Girl Power" from Camelot Fabrics is perfect for any little super-heroine in training. Choose from Supergirl, Wonder Woman or Batgirl and create something fabulous with these powerful prints.
  6. Birch Farm from Free Spirit

    Rustic charm meets modern life with "Birch Farm" by Joel Dewberry. New in from Free Spirit, this collection of delicately designed hydrangeas, flowers and forest animals is full of elegant, graceful prints in a stylish contemporary blue and grey colour palette.
  7. Suffolk Garden from Dashwood Studio

    Designed by Brie Harrison for Dashwood Studio, "Suffolk Garden" is inspired by wildlife, nature and the English countryside, in particular the back garden of her family home in Suffolk. With its dreamy designs of dandelions, birds and ditzy prints and a vibrant colour palette, this pretty collection is a must-have for anyone with a love of all things bright and...
  8. Rhapsody Bop from Adornit

    "Rhapsody Bop" is a gorgeous new collection from Adornit featuring array of whimsical designs, from vintage birdcages to delicate swirls and dainty florals, all of which are bursting with bright colour and character.
  9. Lulu Roses from Free Spirit

    The pretty and playful "Lulu Roses" by Tanya Whelan has just arrived with us from Free Spirit. Polka dots, roses and ticking stripes are amongst the beautiful vintage motifs featured throughout the collection, whilst the soft pastel colour palette and classic floral designs give these fabrics a definite nostalgic look and feel.
  10. Chinoiserie Chic from Free Spirit

    The gorgeous "Chinoiserie Chic" by Dena Designs is new in from Free Spirit and features a truly unique and eye-catching style. The hand painted florals and refreshing pink, green and blue colour palette give this collection a happy and vibrant look. Plus, look out for those fabulous flamingos taking a stroll on one of the fabrics!

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