January 2022

  1. 20% OFF Everything

    20% OFF Everything
    What's that?   ❄️ 20% off everything you say?! ❄️ Stock up on aaaall the pretties & habby you've been holding out for. Save 20% on absolutely everything!* Use Code WinterWarmer20 Offer Ends Sunday 30th January 2022 *excludes Gift Vouchers Use code: WinterWarmer20 Offer Terms & Conditions: The code WinterWarmer20 cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code. Offer is...
  2. You Are Mer-Mazing

    You Are Mer-Mazing
    Discover If You Are Mer-Mazing ? Calling all ocean lovers! ? Has anyone told you lately that You Are Mer-Mazing?!  Timeless Treasures has delivered a total fabrics treat for all mermaid, turtle, sea horse, and CUTE crab fans that are in need of a Big Blue fix  Check Out The Mermaids And wouldn't this fabric collection be the PERFECT collection to make a child's swimming...
  3. Discover Soft & Sustainable Bamboo Towelling

    Discover Soft & Sustainable Bamboo Towelling
    Read the sewing tips ?Did you know Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plant sources on the planet? Bamboo plants can be made into a super-soft eco-friendly textile & we've written a guide about bamboo towelling   Hop over to the blog & learn: How to prepare & cut it What thread to use How to mark it...
  4. What is woven interfacing?

    What is woven interfacing?
    Woven Interfacing
  5. Meet the 2022 Kona® Color of the Year - Cosmos

    Meet the 2022 Kona® Color of the Year - Cosmos
    Check Out Cosmos Meet the 2022 Kona® Color of the Year - Cosmos A supremely stellar purple! The kind folk at Robert Kaufman have also created THREE FREE quilt patterns using this dazzling purple Explore the free Cosmos quilt patterns Add Cosmos to your Kona stash If you'd like to learn a little more about Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton and...
  6. Swedish Tracing Paper

    Swedish Tracing Paper
    Learn how you could save time and fabric by using the swedish tracing paper
  7. How To Use Continuous Zips

    How To Use Continuous Zips
    Learn all about Continuous Zips Ever wondered how you handle continuous zips? What are the benefits of using a continuous zipper? Does applying a zipper pull seem scary?  ✂️  We've got you! ✂️ Check out our latest zip guide for ALL the info Video Warning: You need cutlery!  Pssst! If adding your own zip pulls is a step too far & you're just getting to...

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