Try and pronounce Cannapaceus without having to think about it… we’ll wait…

Doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily as canvas ?

Canvas is a durable cotton fabric with a tight, plain weave, first found in ancient India around 1500 B.C. The word Canvas is thought to have latin roots!

You can make pretty much ANYTHING with this fabric…

Wanna make a waterproof tent? You got it!

Wanna do a bit of DIY upholstering? Go ahead!

Wanna make a tote bag to throw everyday essentials in? No problem!

Read our Canvas Fabric Guide over on the blog to learn more about this super versatile fabric ?‍?

We go into detail about what makes this such a useful fabric

  • ✂️ what it’s best used for
  • ✂️ what needle to use
  • ✂️ the best stitch length
  • ✂️ a little bit of history 
  • ✂️ a few fun fabric facts
  • ✂️ the best seam finishes

 And loads more!

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