Need some Mother's Day project inspo? 

Or wanna learn how to make your own canvas gardening apron

Well what-do-ya-know? 

We’ve got a tutorial! ?

Spring is near & we’re over the Artic-like conditions upon the UK these last few weeks. 

It’s time to get in that garden! 

Get prepped for spring the right way by sewing a gardening apron ready for when you start planting those pretty roses and gardenias.

A canvas fabric project for the intermediate seam-star, you’ll learn to sew an easy release belt and pick up a lifelong skill you can use for other makes that require fastenings!

OR make mum happy this Mother’s Day and gift this gardening apron (bonus brownie points for the rainbow inspired design! ?)

Check out the full tutorial here!

Fancy learning more about canvas

Dive into this fabric guide and pick up a fun fact (or two!)