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  1. ? Save 10% on PUL Waterproof Fabric ?

        Fancy trying something new? Here's your chance! We're offering a 10% saving on our versatile and very useful waterproof PUL fabric.  What can you make with it? Not sure how to sew it? Learn all about this waterproof fabric in our latest guide and be sure to check out the tutorials below for inspiration... Offer ends  22nd March     Discover PUL...
  2. Learn About Polyurethane Laminate PUL Waterproof Fabric

    Learn About Polyurethane Laminate PUL Waterproof Fabric
    What is PUL Fabric? So what's polyurethane laminate (apart from a mouthful!)? Polyurethane laminate is often abbreviated to PUL fabric. PUL is a special kind of waterproof fabric as it has the unique properties of being waterproof AND breathable. So why is this important? It means you can make waterproof items of clothing and cloth nappies and your body heat has a better chance of escaping in to...

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