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  1. Too hot to handle or too cold to hold? Learn all about Insul-Bright!

    Too hot to handle or too cold to hold? Learn all about Insul-Bright!
    Is your next project too hot to handle or too cold to hold? You need Insul-Bright! Insul-Bright is an insulated wadding that keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.  In our latest guide, you will learn: ✂️ What is Insul-Bright? ✂️ How do we use it? ✂️ What projects can we make with it? All is revealed over in...
  2. PUL Live Resources

    Hey Seam-Stars! I hope you all enjoyed learning all about PUL fabrics this morning and all the different prints we have to offer! If you missed the live stream, you can watch it below. Links to everything Kellie mentioned during the live are below: PUL Fabrics (15% off until Sunday!) Hemline Clips PUL Guide Bib Tutorial Wet Bag Tutorial Mattress...
  3. What is a fat quarter?

    What is a fat quarter?
    So you see a new fabric collection and you’re like… I LOVE IT ...but how much of it do I need? Can I afford them all? I can’t possibly choose! Oh yeah, we totally get you. This is why we offer fat quarter bundles so you can love it, make it & keep it! We have released on the blog...
  4. Batik Fabric Guide

    Batik Fabric Guide
    Have you worked with Batik Fabrics before? Do you know about the incredible way they are made? They are such a beautiful interesting fabric with such a fascinating history so we thought we would share a fabric guide all about them! We also cover a few handy tips about working with the fabrics, from washing to sewing! What will you be making with Batik fabrics? Have a read of the blog...
  5. Save 20% On Christmas Panels

    Save 20% On Christmas Panels
    Save 20% on Christmas advent & stocking  panels until 18th November!  ? The number of sewing days before December 1st are quickly disappearing… 20 days if you are counting ? You'll be delighted to hear we're having a sale on our Christmas panels! ? We have a huge range of designs - contemporary to classic… ⛄️ Cloth advent calendars are...
  6. Coloured & Patterned PUL Waterproof

    Coloured & Patterned PUL Waterproof
    ? Need some waterproof fabric?  PUL fabric is restocked in style & we have LOADS of new colours & patterns for you? Pop some colour in to those grey days ? This fabric is so much fun to work with! ☂️ You can make raincoats, umbrellas, makeup bags… The list is endless as the fabric is waterproof & breathable Head...
  7. How To Make A Wet-Dry Bag For Your Face Coverings

    How To Make A Wet-Dry Bag For Your Face Coverings
    A while ago I did a Facebook Live Video showing you how you can make a wet-dry bag for your face coverings. Lots of people have been in touch asking if there are any written instructions to accompany it. So I've put this together for you -  I hope you find it helpful! ✂️ A wet - dry bag is the perfect bag to help you...
  8. Noodlehead Bag Patterns Now In Stock

    Noodlehead Bag Patterns Now In Stock
    ✂️ Are you familiar with bag pattern designer Anna Graham aka Noodlehead? Her patterns are so stylish & contemporary. We're really excited to have this indie bag designer's patterns in the shop!❤️ Her bag patterns have oodles of features you’ll love - so roomy & you'll find ALL the pockets! Have a browse & decide which is your favourite Check Out Noodlehead
  9. Free Adhesive Tape When You Buy Cork Fabric!

    Free Adhesive Tape When You Buy Cork Fabric!
    ? Afraid of zips? Afraid of cork? Don't be! You choose the width... ❤️ Buy a metre and you can have all 3 sizes of tape - that's a huge saving of £7.50 ✂️ Can you mix and match the cork fabric. YES! Make up a metre of 4 different designs if you like. Add your freebie tape & cork...
  10. 13 Tips For Cork Fabric

    13 Tips For Cork Fabric
    ❤️ Have you heard about cork fabric? Ever wondered what on earth it is? And what exactly do you do with it? How do you sew it? Will it wash ok? ✂️ We get ALL the questions about this fabulous textile so I thought I’d compile a list of our most frequently asked...  There are a few considerations, BUT before...

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