Haberdashery Guide

  1. What is Decovil Interlining?

    What is Decovil Interlining?
    Read The Decovil Product Guide Have you heard of Vlieseline Decovil?  Wondering what this interlining can be used for? Our product guide will explain what  Decovil Interlining is  How to apply it  What projects it's best suited for There's even a coupla videos.... Check out the Decovil guide here
  2. What is woven interfacing?

    What is woven interfacing?
    Woven Interfacing
  3. How To Use Continuous Zips

    How To Use Continuous Zips
    Learn all about Continuous Zips Ever wondered how you handle continuous zips? What are the benefits of using a continuous zipper? Does applying a zipper pull seem scary?  ✂️  We've got you! ✂️ Check out our latest zip guide for ALL the info Video Warning: You need cutlery!  Pssst! If adding your own zip pulls is a step too far & you're just getting to...
  4. Key Fob Bundle Save 30%

    Key Fob Bundle Save 30%
    Grab the key fob bundle on sale Handmade key fobs make great stocking filler gifts ? They also make fantastic handmade teacher's gifts  Christmas is a-coming! ✂️ PLUS they only take 5 minutes to make - whoop! ✂️   We've got a fab flash offer  You can SAVE 30% on a pliers & keyfob bundle Today only! Save 30% on a key fob bundle Learn...
  5. How To Use A Kam Press

    How To Use A Kam Press
    Is it time to up-level up your KAM Snaps? Pssst! If you're not sure what KAM Snaps are start here! If you're ready for the full lowdown on all things KAM press then check out our latest guide! Learn More Here Over the blog, we have put together a complete KAM press guide & walk you through... ⭕ Why a KAM...
  6. The Ultimate Guide To Sewing Needles

    The Ultimate Guide To Sewing Needles
    We’re bringing you the ultimate sewing needle guide! Reading a needle size chart can be very confusing? Am I right or am I right? Did you know there’s a difference in sizes between machine and hand sewing needles?  When it comes to hand-sewing needles, the bigger the size the smaller the needle!  Our brain is frazzled ? In our guide...
  7. Would you love to learn how to Crochet in 7 days?!

    Would you love to learn how to Crochet in 7 days?!
    Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet? Maybe you were inspired by Tom Daley’s knitting and crochet projects at the Olympics and want to give it a go? Well you’re in luck! On Monday 13th September, we are launching a new challenge, to teach you all how to crochet in 7 days! If you sign up to the...
  8. Teacher Gifts Facebook Live Resources

    Hey Seam-Stars! We hope you enjoyed our live stream this morning looking at all our teacher gift ideas! Links to everything Kellie mentioned are below: Keyfob Starter Bundle Offer Keyfob Hardware Magnetic Seam Guide Sew a Wristlet Keyfob Tutorial Blog Keyfob with Interfacing Tutorial Video Keyfob with Waist Shaper Tutorial Video Notebook Cover Tutorial Fabric Trays Tutorial Ella Bag Tutorial...
  9. A Guide to Odicoat

    A Guide to Odicoat
    Have you currently got a project in mind such as an apron, wash bag or table cloth that needs a water resistant material? We have the product for you! Odicoat is a fantastic fabric coating gel, which you can apply up to 3 times for a fabulous oilcloth finish that makes the fabric durable and water resistant.  ?  Once applied...
  10. Fun & Funky Dual Colour Zips!

    Fun & Funky Dual Colour Zips!
    Make a real statement with these fun dual colour zips! The zips are a number 3 weight, close ended with extremely well made strong teeth. We have 10 bright colours in sizes 6, 8, 12 and 16" and each feature a tactile circular zipper pull. Perfect for bags, purses, pockets, skirts and trousers, a real statement zip! Zip over to...

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