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  1. Meet the 2022 Kona® Color of the Year - Cosmos

    Meet the 2022 Kona® Color of the Year - Cosmos
    Check Out Cosmos Meet the 2022 Kona® Color of the Year - Cosmos A supremely stellar purple! The kind folk at Robert Kaufman have also created THREE FREE quilt patterns using this dazzling purple Explore the free Cosmos quilt patterns Add Cosmos to your Kona stash If you'd like to learn a little more about Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton and...
  2. A Stitch In Time from Michael Miller

    A Stitch In Time from Michael Miller
    A Stitch in Time by Michael Miller fabric collection consists of sewing themed fabrics
  3. Nightfall by Sarah Knight

    Nightfall by Sarah Knight
    Explore Nightfall ? Nightfall by Sarah Knight for Dashwood Studio is one of the prettiest fabric collections we've seen in a while... The dusky colour palette is enchanting and we are in LOVE Sarah's hand-painted woodland scenes filled with beautiful creatures that love to play past dusk...  Grab some Nightfall This stunning collection has so many highlights.... The border print would make such a gorgeous 30 minute skirt...
  4. 20% Off On Christmas Fabric

    20% Off On Christmas Fabric
    Help! We need some room! We're running out of warehouse space so we're having a massive clearance on all of our Christmas Fabrics If you fancy some December happy post sprinkled with a little extra festive cheer you'll be happy to hear about this FAB offer!   ✂️ 20% off Christmas Fabrics until 12th December! ✂️ Don't dilly dally or all the good...
  5. Grab Some Rainbows & Sunshine

    Grab Some Rainbows & Sunshine
    Rainbows and Sunshine fabrics designed by Sharon Nullmeyer for Michael Miller Fabrics. You will love the positivity they radiate.
  6. Jewel Tones From Makower Has Landed!

    Jewel Tones From Makower Has Landed!
    ?Boom! Jewel Tones has landed!? Makower's latest quilting cotton collection packs a vibrant punch popping with luxury... Explore Jewel Tones A rich colour palette with some complimentary animal prints...   Striking leopards, tigers, zebras & hummingbirds all nestled amongst the exotic florals... The panel is amazing and would make some really luxe cushions. Explore Jewel Tones There are free projects galore, including an...
  7. Happy Birthday Bunting DIY Tutorial

    Happy Birthday Bunting DIY Tutorial
    Learn To Make Birthday Bunting! A perfect bundle addition to your haberdashery stash, available for a limited time Learn to make a customisable flag bunting in our latest tutorial! ? So we all know bunting is an essential on ANY party decor list, but finding the perfect one can be such a chore… it’s either the wrong colour, wrong size...
  8. Sun Prints Luminance

    Sun Prints Luminance
    ☀️ YAY! Sun Print Luminance by Alison Glass has arrived! ? Discover NEW Sun Print Luminance! Alison Glass fans rejoice! ? Sun Print Luminance is now in stock & is full of ALL her rainbow goodness signature style There are 27 fabrics to choose from featuring icons such as arrows, florals, birds, mandalas, crayons and CAKE! ? ? Can't choose...
  9. Makower Christmas Fabric Showcase!

    Makower Christmas Fabric Showcase!
    How are the Christmas sewing projects coming along? Need to go shopping? Snuggle up with a hot chocolate and let’s have a gander at everything festive our friends at Makower have released for Christmas 2021! See All Christmas Fabric Shop Classic Foliage Classic Foliage is a gorgeous collection of fabrics that feature elegant swirls, bold florals, and foliage bouquets. Perfect...
  10. FLASH SALE! Save 15% on Reusable Advent Calendar Fabric Panels

    FLASH SALE! Save 15% on Reusable Advent Calendar  Fabric Panels
    Save 15% On Advent Calendar Panels If you haven’t got your advent calendar all sewn up yet, now is the time! The clock is ticking… and if you haven’t got round to sorting out this year's advent calendars, why not switch things up and sew your own?  Can you believe it’s only 5 weeks until the big man arrives...

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