Sewing Tips

  1. Free Peg Bag Pattern

    Free Peg Bag Pattern
    Hop Over To The Tutorial Summer is here! (supposedly  )  Time to get the washing out on the line Fancy a new peg bag to make the whole experience a little more enjoyable? We've got a free peg bag pattern for you to download & sew Hop over to the blog and get ALL the deets on how you can grab your...
  2. How To Replace Trouser Pockets

    How To Replace Trouser Pockets
    Have you got a hole in a trouser pocket? We all know how much we LOVE a pocket! But having that handy place for your keys, phone, cash & snack stash can leave you with a hole over time. Or maybe you have some ready to wear garments with pockets that are too small and you'd like a bit more...
  3. Reusable & Washable Bin Liner

    Reusable & Washable Bin Liner
    ♻️Sustainable Sewing Tutorial Alert ♻️ As the world, quite rightly, moves away from single-use plastic bags that at one time many of us used to line small waste bins we have been pondering what a zero-waste replacement could be. We thought it was time to unleash into the world a tutorial for a reusable & washable waste bin liner! Save plastic AND pennies. Win-Win! ...
  4. Tea Cosy Sewing Tutorial

    Tea Cosy Sewing Tutorial
    Free Tea Cosy Sewing Tutorial and Pattern
  5. How To Repair Bra Hooks

    How To Repair Bra Hooks
    How to Repair Bra Hooks
  6. Handmade Gift Ideas: Sew A Spa Set

    Handmade Gift Ideas: Sew A Spa Set
    Sew A Spa Set Turorials - Handmade gift ideas
  7. 9 Quick Homemade Gifts

    9 Quick Homemade Gifts
    Checkout our speedy sewing tutorial round up If you're anything like me, you'll have decided to make some last-minute homemade gifts... Am I right?! Lots of our free sewing tutorials have been designed with the busy Seam-Star in mind, so we thought we'd save you even more time round up some of our speediest sews in one place to give you some handmade gift inspo...
  8. Sew A Christmas Stocking

    Sew A Christmas Stocking
    Sew a Christmas Stocking for your loved ones this festive season.
  9. Make Your Own Pyjama Bottoms

    Make Your Own Pyjama Bottoms
    We have a double treat for you today!  A new pyjama making sewing tutorial AND a flannel fabric discount  Learn how to make your own pyjama bottoms Get 15% discount on flannel fabric until Monday If you fancy having a bash at making some Christmas pyjamas this year we've published TWO new tutorials over on the blog.  Part 1 of the tutorial takes you through how to make your own...
  10. Calico Fabric Guide

    Calico Fabric Guide
    We have a brand new fabric guide over on the blog! Read The Calico Fabric Guide Calico is known to be one of the most versatile fabrics in the world, used in fashion, art and is very economical. But what is Calico & what can you use it for? Check out our blog to find out more about this fantastic...

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