1. How To Use Continuous Zips

    How To Use Continuous Zips
    Learn all about Continuous Zips Ever wondered how you handle continuous zips? What are the benefits of using a continuous zipper? Does applying a zipper pull seem scary?  ✂️  We've got you! ✂️ Check out our latest zip guide for ALL the info Video Warning: You need cutlery!  Pssst! If adding your own zip pulls is a step too far & you're just getting to...
  2. Zips Resources

    Zips Resources
    Thank you for tuning into our Facebook live today all about zips! We hope you learnt a lot all about the different types of zips! Everyday is a school day right? If you missed it, you can check out the video below. Here are the links to all of the products we mentioned during the live: 2 Way Zips Chunky...
  3. All Things Zips: Everything You Need To Know About Zippers

    All Things Zips: Everything You Need To Know About Zippers
    Do you know the difference between a separating and close ended zip? What about a nylon coil vs a metal zip?  If you’re unsure then we’ve got just the thing for you! Check out our new guide on all things zips here. We cover the different types of zips, the difference between sizes, best uses, zipper feet, the anatomy of...

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