Did you know as many as 16 farmland bird species are associated with hedges? Or that 10 depend primarily on hedgerows as their natural habitat? ?

Dashwood Studio’s latest collection ‘Hedgerow’ is inspired by the pretty bird species & flowers found in our glorious British hedgerows.

Soft, pretty colours shine through in this collection. Heavy on detail, you’ll discover something new each time you look. 

So many birds, florals and other intricate details are illustrated ?

We can do our bit & provide wildlife with a habitat by growing our own hedges! (just make sure you won’t be impacting existing habitats)

Definitely adding this to our gardening ‘to plant’ list ?‍?

And of course, there’s a border print! Which would be perfect to use in any gardening project.

Dream your way over to the website today & check out Hedgerow whilst you can.