There's been lots of conflicting information in the press, and around the world, about face masks and whether they help or hinder the spread of the Coronavirus. It looks like Scotland will be wearing masks in shops before long, will the rest of the UK follow suit? 

My family has been wearing masks since early April after I read this article from a health hero of mine Dr Zoe Harcombe. I invite you to read her well researched piece. I have made quite a few masks to date and tried out a few different patterns. 

We have seen a huge increase in demand for mask making materials and there has been a lot of questions around suitable notions and the best patterns to try so I decided to write some posts sharing my experience. You can find out which fabric and notions I think are suitable for mask making here

I've also tried out 4 different patterns to date and there have been pros and cons to each. Read the review and find out  which pattern I have found to be the best.

We have also received a lot of messages from people that want to buy handmade face masks so I've started a post detailing artisan businesses we know are selling masks to the public. Explore those makers here

Equally if you are selling masks then please let us know by commenting on this post with a bit about you, a photo of your masks and a link to where they can be purchased.

There is a lot of information out there about masks and I really hope this saves you some time and answer some questions you may have. 

In other news... we've been helping out our local Scrub Hub... this was 350m of scrubs fabric leaving us last week... we cut it all up in to into packs and it was picked up by the amazing Cat (and her mum!) from the Cambridgeshire Scrub Hub - Sewers needed to support our NHS.  This will now be distributed by volunteer drivers to volunteer sewists who are sewing scrubs and accessories for NHS workers and other organisations in desperate need. 

We know lots of you are involved in #dressthenhs and it's been so heart warming to see the community come together. Cat's just ordered another 450m of scrubs fabric so we'll be busy again next week! Keep it up guys, you're amazing!

A Note On Wet Bags

Wet bags are great for putting dirty masks in to if you have to remove them whilst out of the house. Wet bags can be unzipped and popped straight in the washer and they will be laundered fully, and you don't have to touch your worn mask again.

Check out how to sew one up via Aunty Em's Crafts and find versatile PUL waterproof fabric here