Are pretty florals your weakness? 

Or are you a sucker for chickens?

Daisie Mae, from Nutex, is also giving you rabbits & butterflies that complement the most charming of flowers. 

The small scale of these illustrated ditsy prints will make a GREAT choice for feminine face coverings…. As well as being perfectly suited for your next quilt. 

I can see these fabrics in your kitchen too! The “striped”  floral would make a fantastic accent border on soooo many projects from the nursery to bedroom.

The whole collection will help you daydream that  you’re skipping through a flower meadow & back to the farm - if only! 

The charcoal greys just accentuate the soft pinks & peach...

My advice is to feast your eyes over all the prints - there are some real pretty gems not to be missed! 

Find the full collection over on the website