Did you know that in Celtic & Nordic cultures acorns symbolise life, prosperity, growth & luck?!

Wendy Kendall’s latest collection for Dashwood Studio 'Acorn Wood' features all things woodland, including some ‘lucky’ acorns, pine trees, hedgehogs & other woodland friends ?

Rustle over to the website to bag your autumnal fabrics right now!

We’re thinking these prints would look great as a picnic bag or a children’s blanket… or how about a water bottle carrier?

We have a brand new sewing pattern for a water bottle carrier and we thought these fabrics were perfect for this fun project.

You can grab the water bottle carrier pattern FREE, just add it into your basket when purchasing Insul-Bright from us!

Check out the Water Bottle Carrier Pattern

What are you thinking of sewing up with this collection? ✂️  

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