✂️ Have you heard about Digital Print Fabric & wondered what it is❓

? And Is it better for the environment?

Grab a coffee, read up & I'll share what I know...!

Fabrics that have been digitally printed DO look different from traditionally screen printed fabrics... The colours ARE brighter... The images ARE sharper - in fact the print can often look photographic ? 

This vibrancy is achieved because the printer used is similar to an ink jet printer you use at home (but a LOT bigger if course!) More colours can be used to create some visually VIVID fabric! 

? But did you realise that digital printing can be kinder to the environment....? 

? So... How are digitally printed fabrics more planet friendly?

 It's all about energy.... 

Digitally printed fabrics can be less wasteful than screen printed fabrics because : 

? Less ink is used
? Less water is used - screens don't need to be washed between colours
❤️ Smaller print runs are possible
✅ Less waste is likely

❣️  This all adds up & means ⚡️ less energy being used ⚡️

Our range of digitally printed fabrics are also great value... The cloth is 140cm wide AND priced from £9 per metre - they're a steal really ?

Have you tried digital printed fabric before? We'd love to hear what you think ❤️