[caption id="attachment_4412" align="alignnone" width="300"] 350m of scrubs fabric going out to the Cambridgeshire Scrub Hub[/caption]
Thank you to all of you that have been in touch wanting to get involved with sewing for the NHS. Our frontline staff have been in need of scrubs, scrub hats, laundry bags, ear saver headbands and more, and it's amazing to see such an army of home sewists jump to the call to get involved. We have been completely overwhelmed with requests for fabric and haberdashery donations to support the army of home sewists that are helping the NHS and other professionals get kitted out with scrubs and related accessories.
I’m sure you can appreciate that it isn’t possible for us to help with every request we receive. We have decided that our contribution will be most effective and impactful if we work directly and efficiently with organised groups at a local level. We are currently working with Cambridgeshire Scrub Hub and with Helping With Headbands. These groups  are involved both in the sewing of scrubs and other related accessories. We are providing both cost price and donated items of fabric and haberdashery to these local groups. 
If you feel you would like to get involved with either group please get in touch with them and sign up (links are below) and this is how and you can benefit from our donationsBoth groups are asking for volunteers to drive, sew and also for monetary contributions via their fundraising pages.
I'm afraid the original offer we put out in the Love Of Scrubs Facebook group is no longer valid as, sadly, it was abused.  However, if you would prefer to sew independently we have discounted our polycotton here, we have a range of weights and widths. Please check with the organisation that you are sewing for whether it is suitable for their needs.
As a business we are trying to keep afloat whilst running on skeleton staff so please bear with us with any delay to your queries or orders. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
[caption id="attachment_4416" align="alignnone" width="225"] What more scrubs fabric![/caption]
Thank you again for your support of the cause. It’s wonderful to see the sewing community pulling together at this time of national crisis.
Best wishes,
Kellie and Jon
The Cambridgeshire Scrub Hub:
Helping with Headbands: