How does it feel to think about Christmas in September?!

We started thinking about Christmas all the way back in July… so this almost feels a bit late for us.

 But it’s never too early (or late) to start preparing right?

Whatever the weather… the earlier you prepare... the less of a mare! 

Fortunately (or unfortunately for your already overflowing fabric stash) Dashwood Studio knows just how to tempt you! Indulge in early Christmas & take a look at the ‘Forest Friends’ collection. 

Beautiful festive prints with metallic detailing make this collection a must for any Christmas projects you’re thinking of making.  

It also features the cutest little forest friends that’ll make even the grouchiest of grinches smile!

Want a project to save the morning headache cause by the kids bickering over who's present is who's?! 

Well... we've got just that!  

A personalised Santa sack!

The kids can run straight to their own sack & ravage… while you get to sit back and watch the mess unfold.

It’s not only reusable making it an eco-conscious choice vs store bought, but it’s personalised and large… and we mean really LARGE.

Enough to fit allllllll the prezzies! 

You’ll also learn a few sewing techniques as such as:

  • How to sew french seams
  • How to applique
  • How to use bondaweb 

Get your mitts on this project, you download it here.

Wanna make your own stocking?

We get more excited for Christmas every we see our stocking get that little bit fuller. 

This year, Dashwood Studio has made a lovely stocking panel featuring adorable festive forest creatures, with metallic detailing.

It’s a really simple, fun, family friendly project!  It comes with step-by-step instructions written on the panel to guide you from start to finish.

Will you be adding this make to your Christmas projects list?

So head on over to the website and browse this wonderful Christmas collection!