Forest Talk Blue is a stunning colourway that will look brilliant in any room!

Forest Talk by Cathy Nordstrom for Makower features adorable little forest critters with some lush foliage! This collection is a riot of different prints bringing the beautiful world of the forest to you in clean and fresh colours. It will look fantastic in a spring project, but due to the varied colourway, it will look great in any season. Available by the fat quarter, cut length and a fat quarter bundle.

Forest Talk features some adorable little forest critters that you will love!

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Forest Talk Blue shows us a beautiful array of colours!

Forest Talk green uses amazing natural colours to create an earthy look.

Forest Talk Green looks beautiful with the adorable creatures on it's designs!

Forest Talk Blue Spread

Forest Talk Green Spread
Forest Talk Quilt Pattern

Forest Talk Quilt Pattern

This Forest Talk quilt pattern designed by Cathy Nordstrom is absolutely gorgeous! Utilizing most of the collection, this design will be a fantastic addition to any room.