Ever heard the term "wide backs" and wondered what it means? No - it's not a dressmaking alteration for the broad shouldered!

Some of you beginner seam-stars out there might have come across some fabrics on our website which are a huuuuge 106” wide and might think, why on earth would you need a piece of fabric that wide?! Well you’re in luck! In this blog, we’ll be going through why we need extra wide fabrics and inspire you with what they can be used for.

Well you’re in luck! We have published a brand new blog all about extra wide fabrics! We mention...

✂️ Quilting

✂️ Home Decor Ideas

✂️ Ideas for Scrapbusting

Quilters! What if I told you that you never needed to piece the backing to your quilts ever again? Give this blog a read to find out how.

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