Do you usually shop at our warehouse❓

If you do... I'm sorry. You're not gonna like this message very much ?

Sometimes - as a business owner - I have to put my big girl pants on and make difficult decisions. I've been dreading writing this message because I know how disappointing this will be for some of you.

I'm just going to say it...

Jon & I have decided that we will not be re-opening the warehouse again to the public for the foreseeable future ?

Why? Is the virus to blame?

Maybe... But it was something we had spoken about before The Corona Coaster so - not entirely.

Our online business has always been the backbone of Plush Addict. It's how we started. It pays the bills like a local fabric store never could. And running a "shop" alongside the online business has always been a challenge.

An online business & a shop need two entirely different ways of operating & we have always struggled to merge them both harmoniously.

Coronavirus has brought that fact in to pin point focus.

We need to play to our strengths. Go back to our roots. And like many businesses surviving in this harsh economic climate, we have to adapt.

Click and collect will still be available ?

We hear you. It's not the same. We KNOW buying fabric from a screen is hard. Which is why we have always offered such a good returns policy to our online customers. This isn't changing.

? You can return anything - for free - by dropping it into your post box (with one of our free post labels of course!) Or check your fabric as you collect at the door. Leave it behind for an immediate refund if it's not what you expected.

? Will we ever open the doors again? I'll never say never... We HAVE toyed with the idea of offering appointments... And having dedicated open days from time to time. But right now these remain ideas that we're not ready to implement. We don't want to make promises we're not sure we can keep. Only time will tell.

❤️ You can't get rid of us that easily though! We'll miss you just as much as you'll miss us! We've got an exciting new project coming soon... Keep your eyes peeled for THAT announcement ?

? A HUGE thank you to all of our local customers that we've got to know so well over the years. We are genuinely sorry to disappoint you. But we hope you can understand that - for our long term survival - this is a change we need to make. We do hope that you can support us & continue to embrace click and collect.