Did you know you've only got 8 weeks left to make your advent calendar?! I think it’s time to think about how you’ll be counting down to the big day this year!

Go Shopping For Advent Panels!

We have a huge selection of Advent Calendar panels this year in our Advent Panel Shop! Why not make super special memories this year making an advent panel for a loved one for them to treasure for years to come?

Fabric advent calendars are a great way to decorate the home AND they are kinder to the planet, cutting down on plastic waste. Kids get soooo much chocolate on the big day, why not get little gifts each day instead of the daily sugar rush?

What will you choose? Will you be counting down in style with the Makower London advent panel? Maybe hopping on the Santa Express? Or will you be partying with Dashwood Studio this year? We have a blog showing the huge range of panels we have in stock here.

Check out the Advent Panels Shop