Kona Colour Of The Year

Introducting the Kona Colour of the Year, Pink Flamingo!

Robert Kaufman has announced the Kona colour of the year 2017 and it's Pink Flamingo - a vibrant, clean and perfectly playful pink!

Every year, Robert Kaufman designs a limited edition Kona cotton colour that is based off market analysis and trend forecast. It's only available for the year of its creation...

It is also created with the input of of trend setting designers and top industry taste makers some of which have created quilts with Pink Flamingo to demonstrate the colour's beauty.

Darlene Zimmerman

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang by Darlene Zimmerman is inspired by Darlene's love for wearing the colour, Pink Flamingo. Using a technique called a "Maltese Cross" to highlight the positive and negative colours on the quilt.

Rebecca Bryan


Nostalgia by Rebecca Bryan is a quilt inspired by more retro designs. Unapologetically exploding with colour, this design emphasises the vast range of colours that Pink Flamingo can merge with.

Valori Wells

Stars Over Pink Flamingo

Stars Over Pink Flamingo by Valori Wells comes from her love for warm neutral colour palettes along with a sprinkle of gold. For an added touch, she quilted flamingo wadding into the design to further blend the two themes.

Heather Jones


Migratory by Heather Jones was created because she believes it is a gorgeous colour, which is strong, but not overpowering. A paler pink and a white was used in the creation of this quilt showing that Pink Flamingo works well with different hues.

Elizabeth Hartman

Flock Of Feathers

Flock Of Feathers by Elizabeth Hartman is inspired by the vibrancy and joy that an image of a flamingo depicts. The block backgrounds are, for the most part, white and pink. However, there is also black to emphasise the accents on their feathers and blue to demonstrate their natural habitat.