Thanks for watching our live video on our newest arrival 'Michiko' by Makower! We hope you enjoyed it! You can find a replay below.

All the resources you'll need for the Michiko collection and projects are here:

Michiko Close Up - Facebook Live

Are you a fan of Japanese fabric? Yes?!

Then Michiko is one just for you YOU! 

So what’s Michiko anyway? 

(mi) meaning “beautiful” (chi) meaning “wisdom, intellect” and (ko) meaning child.

Michiko is Makower’s new Japanese inspired collection.

This collection is delicate yet artistic featuring icons in Japanese culture like the Bush clover flower, Koi fish & the red-crowned Crane bird.

With delicate touches of metallic gold these prints ooze a rich luxurious feel! 

This collection comes with a beautiful detailed panel perfect for the avid quilter. 

There are oodles of opportunities to fussy cut & be creative -  or use the panel whole!

If you’d prefer a project there’s a free 71” x 71” quilt & a messenger or patchwork bag project available to download.

Check out the full collection here!