Hessian trims bring some beautiful rustic charm to your projects!

Hessian fabric is a wonderful material that can bring some rural charm to any project you're working on.

Are you planning a rustic wedding? We have a lovely selection of pretty hessian trims suitable for your tablewear!


Pom poms will brighten up your projects!

This new pom pom trim is amazing. The explosion of colour will add interest and texture to many clothing, craft and home decor projects. A nice, yet simple addition which will brighten up your various crafts and projects with joy.

If you would like to create the scarf in the image, look no further! This spectacular tutorial from Sewing Rabbit is easy to follow and perfect for beginners.


Bias piping is great for a refined finish to your projects!

We now have ready made bias piping cord in stock! It's fantastic for adding those polished finishing touches to clothes, crafting or upholstery projects. An extremely easy way of adding top quality piping cord without needing to make your own from scratch.

To help you along, here is a brilliant tutorial from Craftsy which tells you change sew piping into a pillow leaving you with a gorgeous finish to your project to sew piping like a pro!


Fringing is a brilliant way to spruce up your projects!

Using fringing is a brilliant way to make your projects have a fantastic finish that will make it that much more unique. Brilliant for all types of projects whether that be costume making, home decoration or even crafts. Adding fringing is a quick and easy way to customise your clothing and accessories.

Want to create something with fringing? This amazing purse tutorial from Sewing Rabbit is a perfect introduction to the possibilities of using fringe.