Did you know it's estimated that there's only 3,500 tigers remaining in the wild worldwide?! 

And that today between 7,000 and 8,000 of them are being held in captivity?! 

We can all do our bit to raise awareness, just like designer Bethan Janine has done in her latest collection “Our Planet” for Dashwood Studio! 

Featuring a dramatic panel with prints of endangered animals and florals, this collection honours our furry friends out in the wild and is both beautiful and relevant at the same time 

(It’s also a gentle reminder that we live in an ecosystem where we need to care for ALL living things, no matter how big or small in order to have a healthy planet that can sustain us all for years to come ? )

We've put together a couple of projects alongside this collection - check out our skills builder cushion tutorial where you can learn how to handle piping and zips.

And the birdie print was just screaming out EYE MASK to me!

Who doesn't want a tropical bird print eye mask, eh?

Check out the new prints here and let us know what you think!