✂️Love a fancy zip? ?

I do! And I find they can be quite hard to source…

SO I’m literally BURSTING at the seams with excitement that we’ve managed to find these amazing rainbow teeth zips, complete with a fancy zipper pull too!

Facebook went NUTS for a pencil pouch I sewed up, so I’m guessing you love them as much as I do.

And I’m really chuffed that they are nylon zips BUT look like metal teeth… 

Why’s this good? Because you can trim them down easily AND sew over the teeth without any drama so they are easier to work with

We’ve got 3 colours - black, white & aqua and sizes range from 6” - 14” 

I’ve got big plans for our range of zips so, fingers x’d, these are the first fancy pants line of many… I literally cannot wait!

Hope over and bag your rainbow goodness here