Are you daring to dream of a holiday this year?

We’re not giving up hope! 

Nothing sounds better than spending a warm summer's day mindlessly (but mindfully) exploring the beach at low tide ?

Rosalind Maroney brings us ‘Rock Pool’ - her latest collection for Dashwood Studio.

It’s dedicated to all who like exploring the little havens of treasure & life that we call Rock Pools.

Filled with all types of intricate little creatures, like crabs, starfish, mussels, oysters & so many more!

Our vast littoral wildlife in the UK is a closely guarded secret that serves as a reminder that there’s hidden treasures everywhere we go.

Immerse yourself in this calming, soothing collection full of wonderful sea creatures - these fabrics would make an ah-maaazing beach bag! Or you could go all out and make your own beach umbrella carrier bag?! ?

(PS- we're loving these matching dual colour zips!)

Have you ever explored a rock pool? Let us know your favourite spots!

If not, why not add it to your summer activities this year?