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  1. 10% off Folklore from Camelot Fabrics

    See our special offers - 10% off Folklore! As part of our new special offers page, we're offering 10% off our "Folklore" collection from Camelot Fabrics, including this fab FQ bundle. With its eclectic colour palette and nature-inspired designs if birds and flowers, these fabrics have a definite summer vibe and epitomise everything wonderful about the sunny outdoors. Offer ends 5/6/15...
  2. Pastel Me More from Camelot Fabrics

    Liven up your sewing projects with the fun and vibrant "Pastel Me More", just in from Camelot Fabrics. Full of geometric designs in playful shades of pink, blue, yellow and lilac, these lovely fabrics would make great blenders, but wouldn't look out of place as a main print either. We've also put together a fat quarter bundle for you including...
  3. Folklore from Camelot Fabrics

    Designed by Heather Rosas for Camelot Fabrics, "Folklore" is a Scandanavian influenced, contemporary collection, fill of block colours and bold prints. With its eclectic colour palette and nature-inspired designs of birds and flowers, these fabrics have a definite summer vibe and epitomise everything wonderful about the sunny outdoors.
  4. London Fog from Camelot Fabrics

    Inspired by cosy, rainy days spent indoors snuggled under a blanket with a warm cup of tea, "London Fog" by Camelot Fabrics is an elegant and timeless collection. The subtle, contemporary teal and grey colour palette and the minimalist prints give these fabrics a lovely, classic look.
  5. Girl Power from Camelot Fabrics

    Full of bright and colourful comic book style designs, "Girl Power" from Camelot Fabrics is perfect for any little super-heroine in training. Choose from Supergirl, Wonder Woman or Batgirl and create something fabulous with these powerful prints.
  6. Star Wars III from Camelot Fabrics

    Just in from Camelot Fabrics, "Star Wars III" contains a selection of fun and exciting prints, including images of the series' iconic characters, spacecraft and battleships. This new collection is perfect for any fan of the sci-fi classic!
  7. Ultimate Spiderman from Camelot Fabrics

    For all you fans of Marvel comics out there, take a look at our new "Ultimate Spiderman" collection! These fun and exciting prints have just arrived from Camelot Fabrics and feature everyone's favourite superhero whizzing around the city and saving the day. These designs are available in multiple colourways, so head on over to our site and take your pick.
  8. Paddington Bear from Camelot Fabrics

    Paddington Bear has finally landed in the UK! This nostalgic collection is perfect for any fan of the childhood classic, and the soft pastel hues and iconic illustrations give these fabrics a friendly and comforting feel whilst capturing the happiness of childhood. Paddington's adventures don't end here as he's longing to visit sewing enthusiasts around the country. Go on, you know...
  9. Let's Go from Camelot Fabrics

    New in from Camelot Fabrics, "Let's Go" by Andrea Turk for Cinnamon Joe Studio is a gorgeous, warm and cosy collection. Celebrating the great outdoors with their woodsy colours and rustic feel these fabrics are so pretty and, on top of that, they've arrived just in time for your autumnal projects!
  10. Mint Condition from Camelot Fabrics

    With a classic colour combination of mint and grey and soft, feminine designs, "Mint Condition" by Jackie McFee is the perfect choice for any chic and elegant projects you may have in mind. This lovely collection is just in from Camelot Fabrics so grab yours now!

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