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  1. Dressmaking celebrating curves, confidence and style!

    Dressmaking celebrating curves, confidence and style!
    Did you know that most dressmaking patterns are drafted for a B cup? Not sure about you but that’s no good for me! Jenny Rushmore is a fantastic sewist based in Massachusetts, USA who realised we should be changing our clothes to fit our bodies rather than the other way around and found that making her own clothing not only...
  2. Sew House Seven Patterns

    Did ya’ see the new Sew House Seven patterns? There’s a whole new collection of patterns with inclusive sizing ranging from 00-34! Make a wrap dress, sweater, pencil skirt, slacks, v-neck top and loads more! Sew House Seven patterns can be made up quickly and easily. But still allow you the creative freedom to experiment, making them perfect for all...

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