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  1. Calico Fabric Guide

    Calico Fabric Guide
    We have a brand new fabric guide over on the blog! Read The Calico Fabric Guide Calico is known to be one of the most versatile fabrics in the world, used in fashion, art and is very economical. But what is Calico & what can you use it for? Check out our blog to find out more about this fantastic...
  2. A Fabric Guide: Canvas

    Try and pronounce Cannapaceus without having to think about it… we’ll wait… Doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily as canvas ? Canvas is a durable cotton fabric with a tight, plain weave, first found in ancient India around 1500 B.C. The word Canvas is thought to have latin roots! You can make pretty much ANYTHING with this fabric…...
  3. 13 Tips For Cork Fabric

    13 Tips For Cork Fabric
    ❤️ Have you heard about cork fabric? Ever wondered what on earth it is? And what exactly do you do with it? How do you sew it? Will it wash ok? ✂️ We get ALL the questions about this fabulous textile so I thought I’d compile a list of our most frequently asked...  There are a few considerations, BUT before...
  4. Read Our Fabric Guide to Tulle and Net Fabrics

        Ever wondered what the difference between tulle and net is? Or how to sew and handle these fabrics? Then our most recently published fabric guide may have all the answers for you! Read the Fabric Guide
  5. From the Blog: A Guide to Plush

    Whether you're new to sewing with plush, a dab hand or fancy having a go at using it in the future, make sure you take a look at our Guide To Plush on our blog. Featuring tons of helpful information and tips, this article was originally published in the September issue of Sewing World Magazine, so if you happened to miss...

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