Flannel Fabric

  1. Make Your Own Pyjama Bottoms

    Make Your Own Pyjama Bottoms
    We have a double treat for you today!  A new pyjama making sewing tutorial AND a flannel fabric discount  Learn how to make your own pyjama bottoms Get 15% discount on flannel fabric until Monday If you fancy having a bash at making some Christmas pyjamas this year we've published TWO new tutorials over on the blog.  Part 1 of the tutorial takes you through how to make your own...
  2. A Fabric Guide To: Flannel

    A Fabric Guide To: Flannel
    Did you know we have a huge library of fabric guides available to you on our blog for free?!  We’ve got guides covering batik, viscose, bamboo, canvas, felt, taffeta, corduroy, PUL fabric and loads more! But our latest fabric guide is all about Flannel fabric! We cover everything you need to know to get started with this fabric, including some...
  3. Flannel Fabric for Christmas PJs!

        Flannel fabric, also known as brushed cotton or winceyette, is a winter staple. Baby soft, fluffy, tactile, cosy and made from 100% natural fibres, flannel fabric is the go to cloth for pyjamas, baby items, pyjamas, winter shirts or rag quilting, to name but a few. See our flannel range here      Discover Flannel Fabric Explore Loungewear Patterns...

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