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  1. From the Blog: A Guide to Plush

    Whether you're new to sewing with plush, a dab hand or fancy having a go at using it in the future, make sure you take a look at our Guide To Plush on our blog. Featuring tons of helpful information and tips, this article was originally published in the September issue of Sewing World Magazine, so if you happened to miss...
  2. On the Blog: Lace Edge Zip Cosmetics Bag Tutorial

    New to using lace edge zips? Have a look at our new blog post and learn how to make a cute lace edge zip cosmetics bag by following the simple step by step tutorial.
  3. How To Sew a Rib Knit Waistband

    I've been playing with rib knit and have put together this tutorial advising how to add a rib knit waist band. I hope you find it helpful! Find details about the fabrics and the tutorial here.

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