Polyurethane laminate

  1. [SALE] 15% OFF PUL Fabric & Exclusive Waterproof Fabric Guide

    Come rain, sleet or snow, PUL fabric will pull you through (figuratively!) UK weather is a bit bleak around this time of year and we get very wet, very rainy days… in comes Polyurethane Laminate to save the day! Otherwise known as “PUL” it’s waterproof AND breathable ....Polyurethane Laminate fabric still leaving you confused?! WE’VE GOT A WATERPROOF FABRIC GUIDE...
  2. Coloured & Patterned PUL Waterproof

    Coloured & Patterned PUL Waterproof
    ? Need some waterproof fabric?  PUL fabric is restocked in style & we have LOADS of new colours & patterns for you? Pop some colour in to those grey days ? This fabric is so much fun to work with! ☂️ You can make raincoats, umbrellas, makeup bags… The list is endless as the fabric is waterproof & breathable Head...

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