1. A Quick Guide To PUL Waterproof Fabric (Polyurethane Laminate)

    A Quick Guide To PUL Waterproof Fabric (Polyurethane Laminate)
    What is PUL Fabric? So... What's polyurethane laminate - apart from a mouthful!? Polyurethane laminate is often abbreviated to PUL fabric. PUL is special... It's a waterproof AND breathable fabric! Why is this important? Well, it means if you make waterproof items of clothing your body heat has a better chance of escaping in to the atmosphere! Heat escapes THROUGH...
  2. 20% Off Waterproof PUL Today

    Day 1 Discount: Up To 20% Off PUL Real Nappy Week 2015 has officially begun! To celebrate, we're offering a different discount each day this week on various nappy supplies and notions. With our first offer this week, you can enjoy up to 20% off all PUL fabrics until midnight tonight! We will be having different fabrics on offer each...
  3. Ooga Booga from MOM

    Have you seen our new "Ooga Booga" limited edition plush fabrics from M.O.M Designs? Covered in brilliant monsters in multiple colourways, these gorgeously soft fabrics are ideal for so many cuddly projects you may have in mind for this winter. These designs are also available in PUL, cotton interlock and flannel.
  4. New PUL prints from Babyville

    It's not that often we get new PUL prints in but  we have these 2 lovelies in from from Babyville Boutique. PUL is a waterproof, breathable fabric and if you're not sure what you can do with it then have a look over on the blog for a low down and find the Babyville prints here. 

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