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  1. Forest Friends by Dashwood Studio

    Forest Friends by Dashwood Studio
    Shop Forest Friends! How does it feel to think about Christmas in September?! We started thinking about Christmas all the way back in July… so this almost feels a bit late for us.  But it’s never too early (or late) to start preparing right? Whatever the weather… the earlier you prepare... the less of a mare!  Fortunately (or unfortunately for...
  2. Scandi 2021

    Scandi 2021
    NEW Scandi 2021 Christmas collection featuring 3 FREE Sewing Projects Browse New Scandi 2021! It’s almost that time of the year again… Can you believe there’s just 13 weeks left? Is it just us or does Christmas 2020 seem like it was just yesterday?! Scandi 2021 is one of our best selling Christmas collections & features classic Christmas snowflakes, reindeer...
  3. Beguiled Live: Resources

    Hey Seam-Stars! Hope you enjoyed our latest Facebook live on all things Beguiled... fabric in magic form and the 3 projects we made up. You can find links for everything mentioned here: Beguiled collection Clear PVC Nylon Pouch Tutorial & Pattern Eye Mask Tutorial & Pattern Ella Pouch Tutorial & Pattern Clear PVC Vinyl Continuous Zip Tape Double Sided Sticky...

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