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  1. Forest Friends by Dashwood Studio

    Forest Friends by Dashwood Studio
    Shop Forest Friends! How does it feel to think about Christmas in September?! We started thinking about Christmas all the way back in July… so this almost feels a bit late for us.  But it’s never too early (or late) to start preparing right? Whatever the weather… the earlier you prepare... the less of a mare!  Fortunately (or unfortunately for...
  2. Spice by Dashwood Studio

    Spice by Dashwood Studio
    Add some Spice to your life with these NEW Dashwood prints! If potpourri was a fabric collection… this would probably be it, with a dash of elegance featuring swans and doves. It’s also giving us all the country kitchen vibes and an autumnal feel. 'Spice' is designed by Chloe Hall for Dashwood Studio and features majestic prints that are beautiful...
  3. Woodland Notions by Dashwood Studio

    Woodland Notions by Dashwood Studio
    New Dashwood Studio prints are in! Woodland Notions is a beautiful collection of retro floral prints designed by Nina Raby-Jones. With a muted pastel colour palette, the designs include soft branches, seed heads and a beautiful flower meadow. This collection gives us all the autumn feels. These fabrics are wide width, lightweight cotton that’s perfect for dressmaking.  We can imagine...
  4. Scandi 2021

    Scandi 2021
    NEW Scandi 2021 Christmas collection featuring 3 FREE Sewing Projects Browse New Scandi 2021! It’s almost that time of the year again… Can you believe there’s just 13 weeks left? Is it just us or does Christmas 2020 seem like it was just yesterday?! Scandi 2021 is one of our best selling Christmas collections & features classic Christmas snowflakes, reindeer...
  5. Around The World By Makower

    Around The World By Makower
    Shop Around The World! Sew a World Map Game with 'Around The World' the kids will adore! Travel the world with this map panel to hang on your wall, get the kids involved & teach your toddlers some geography too!  Makower’s latest collection ‘Around The World’ makes us want to hop on a plane and get away to discover all...
  6. Michiko by Makower Resources

    Michiko by Makower Resources
    Thanks for watching our live video on our newest arrival 'Michiko' by Makower! We hope you enjoyed it! You can find a replay below. All the resources you'll need for the Michiko collection and projects are here: Subscribe To The Newsletter Full Fabric Collection FREE Michiko Quilt Pattern Project Ready-to-sew Quilt Kit FREE Make Up Bag Pattern & Tutorial FREE...

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