Sewing Tips

  1. How To Replace Trouser Pockets

    How To Replace Trouser Pockets
    Have you got a hole in a trouser pocket? We all know how much we LOVE a pocket! But having that handy place for your keys, phone, cash & snack stash can leave you with a hole over time. Or maybe you have some ready to wear garments with pockets that are too small and you'd like a bit more...
  2. Discover Soft & Sustainable Bamboo Towelling

    Discover Soft & Sustainable Bamboo Towelling
    Read the sewing tips ?Did you know Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plant sources on the planet? Bamboo plants can be made into a super-soft eco-friendly textile & we've written a guide about bamboo towelling   Hop over to the blog & learn: How to prepare & cut it What thread to use How to mark it...
  3. Tops tips for sewing denim - Free cheat sheet

        To celebrate the fact that we've had oodles of denim arrive this week we thought we'd put together a free cheat sheet for you to download which details some top tips for sewing and handling denim. Our cheat sheet is a great summary of bullet points and includes tips based on our most frequently asked questions about denim. Download...

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