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  1. Beguiled Live: Resources

    Hey Seam-Stars! Hope you enjoyed our latest Facebook live on all things Beguiled... fabric in magic form and the 3 projects we made up. You can find links for everything mentioned here: Beguiled collection Clear PVC Nylon Pouch Tutorial & Pattern Eye Mask Tutorial & Pattern Ella Pouch Tutorial & Pattern Clear PVC Vinyl Continuous Zip Tape Double Sided Sticky...
  2. Katie's Cats by Makower

    Katie's Cats by Makower
    Reading in bed at night is a great way to unwind, don’t you agree? But having to leave the warmth and coziness behind to put a book back, is enough to steer us away from reading in bed ? This reading cushion tutorial saves you the hassle!  It has a pocket for your book & another for reading glasses, a...

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