Another Lego injury this lock down?

Why is it that stepping on the toys of the small people makes your eyes water SO much?! ?

Save the colourful language for when the kids are in bed… 

We got you!

We give you our latest tutorial!

Behold the Toy Storage Basket with added Playmat! 

Not only will this nifty toy storage solution tame all those pesky toys BUT the playmat enables easy scooping! It’s so much fun the kids might even tidy up for you..  well we can dream ? 


Learn to: 

  • ❤️ How to draft and cut circles of any size
  • ? How to sew curves
  • ? How to use foam as structure
  • ? Adding bias cord casing
  • ? How to Blind Stitch
  • ? How to Ladder Stitch

This is a project that will push your skills - there’s a lotta curves to cut and sew -  PLUS you’ll get to experience the wonder that is Styl-Vil!

It’s a structural foam that's perfect for keeping that basket all stood up!

Style-vil offers stability whilst still being soft, supple & kid (read bounce!) proof. 

This isn’t a beginner’s project but we’ve added some videos to help with the trickiest bits.

We hope you enjoy this make and get some “you time” away to delve into this sewing project for a few hours ✂️

Are there any other projects you’d like us to create a tutorial for? Let us know ?