? Have you made face coverings but struggled with the fit?

✂️ These teeny little bits of haberdashery can really help!

Check out the TWO Facebook Live videos I did this week...

this video covers how to retro-fit sliders on to existing elastic

this video covers 2 ways of attaching the adjustable ear loops

Both options are quick & easy to do and are likely improve the comfort & fit of your face covering! They also look rather professional... non?!

✂️ Are you making face coverings for others? These nifty notions can help the wearer fit the covering without any help. So... you can all remain socially distanced ?

If you're just getting going with making face coverings then this blog post is a great starting point. You can read up on:
? My pattern reviews
? Suggestions of suitable notions & fabric
? Where you can buy handmade coverings if you really can't be faffed to sew your own!

I genuinely can't wait to hear how you get on! If you have any questions or comments then drop us a message or post a photo on Facebook. Myself or one of the team will get back to you as soon as poss. Happy sewing!